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Our services

Discover our comprehensive in-house offerings and the expert services provided by our selected partners.

Step-by-step Guidance

Detailed walkthroughs for every phase of company setup, ensuring clarity and confidence in each decision made.


Assistance with all necessary paperwork, ensuring timely submissions and accuracy in official company records.

Local Compliance

Guidance to align your business with Cyprus regulations, ensuring it operates legally and without regulatory hitches.

Tailored Advice

Customized solutions and recommendations, addressing the unique needs and aspirations of your Cyprus-based company.


Experts in establishing your company in Cyprus, simplifying the process from inception to operational readiness.


Establish a professional Cyprus address with or without physical space enhancing your brand’s presence.

Mail Handling

Efficient management of your company mail, ensuring prompt receiving, sorting, and forwarding as needed.


Protecting your actual location, ensuring discretion in business dealings and safeguarding personal information.


Streamlining business operations with easy-to-use services, allowing more focus on core business tasks and growth.

Flexible Access

On-demand availability, enabling you to utilize the virtual address as required, ensuring adaptability to varying business needs.

Accountants & Auditors

Expert financial professionals ensuring your business’s financial needs and compliance in all fiscal matters.

Legal Services

Experienced legal practitioners providing guidance, representation, and advice to navigate Cyprus’s legal landscape confidently.

Real Estate

Dedicated property specialists assisting in finding, negotiating, and securing the ideal commercial or residential spaces in Cyprus.

Insurance Agents

Trusted advisors offering insurance solutions, ensuring your business and personal assets are adequately protected in Cyprus.


Connecting you to trusted professionals in Cyprus, simplifying your search and ensuring quality service.