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Cyprus Companies Registry

Obtain details about companies registered in Cyprus, including precise and up-to date information on thousands of companies in Cyprus.

Purchase a company report for in-depth details on any company registered in Cyprus. These reports include data from the official registry, featuring scanned documents, comprehensive shareholder history, and addresses of key individuals.


The most complete and reliable information on Cyprus companies
You get a report within 24 hours


Dive into the past and current ownership structure, revealing individuals or entities with equity in the company. Understand their stake and influence, crucial for KYC and assessing potential risks or benefits.

Directors and Secretaries

Gain insights into the company’s key decision-makers and administrators. Learn about their roles, responsibilities, and tenures, pivotal for evaluating the company’s management quality and stability.

Company addresses

Get the precise location and contact details of the business. It’s essential to verify the company’s authenticity, establish direct communication, and perform on-site due diligence if necessary.

Company names

Track any name changes the company underwent and when they took effect. This aids in tracing the business’s evolution, its past and current engagements, and ensures transparency in its operations over time.

Company Documents

Access a repository of official papers, from incorporation to any regulatory filings. These documents offer a transparent view of the company’s legal standing, compliance, and structural details.

Full history of the company

Delve deep into the company’s timeline, from its inception to its current standing. Gain information on its growth and milestones, giving you a comprehensive perspective for making informed decisions.

Search for any Cyprus Company

Preview information about any company registered in Cyprus including key people, like directors and secretaries, addresses, and previews on the documents on file.

Reports on any Cyprus Company

A report on a Cyprus Company will provide current information on the day of the report regarding any company registered in the official registry. We will gather data on your behalf including Shareholders and their Addresses, Company documents, Historic information on company changes, Previous names, Previous addresses and Mortgages. Get a report now on any Cyprus registered company.

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