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Company Incorporation Trends in Cyprus: A Detailed Analysis (2017-2023)

Cyprus, known for its strategic location and investor-friendly policies, has seen a fascinating trend in company incorporations over the years 2017 to 2023. In this blog, we delve into the statistics of company incorporations in Cyprus, observing the ebbs and flows that mark the island’s economic landscape.

A Yearly Overview: 2017 – 2023

Cyprus witnessed a fluctuating pattern in company incorporation over these years. Let’s break it down:

  • 2017: A Promising Start – The year 2017 set a robust pace with 17,050 new companies. This surge indicated a thriving business environment, possibly fueled by favorable economic policies and a stable political climate.

  • 2018: The Peak – Building on the previous year’s momentum, 2018 recorded the highest number of incorporations in this period, with 17,899 new entities. This peak reflects an all-time high in investor confidence and market potential in Cyprus.

  • 2019: A Slight Dip – In 2019, there was a noticeable decrease to 15,701 incorporations. This reduction could be attributed to various global and regional economic factors that might have affected investor sentiment.

  • 2020: The Pandemic Impact – Unsurprisingly, 2020 saw a more significant drop to 14,024, likely due to the global economic slowdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting business decisions worldwide.

  • 2021: A Resilient Rebound – Showing remarkable resilience, the numbers climbed back up to 15,608 in 2021. This rebound signifies Cyprus’s economic recovery and the adaptability of its business landscape in the face of global challenges.

  • 2022: Stabilizing Trends – With 15,199 incorporations, 2022 continued the trend of stabilization, indicating a steady business environment regaining its pre-pandemic strength.

  • 2023: Consistent Performance – The year 2023 maintained a consistent performance with 14,844 new companies, demonstrating the enduring appeal of Cyprus as a business hub.

Monthly Breakdown: 2023

A closer look at the monthly statistics of 2023 provides insights into the dynamic nature of company incorporations in Cyprus:

  • Winter Months (Jan-Mar) – The year kicked off with a modest 909 incorporations in January, followed by a significant jump to 1,222 in February and further to 1,639 in March. This increase could be a result of new-year business resolutions and the conclusion of fiscal assessments.

  • Spring (Apr-Jun) – April saw a slight decrease to 1,119, possibly due to the financial year closing activities. However, May and June bounced back with 1,328 and 1,185 incorporations, respectively, aligning with the seasonal economic uptick.

  • Summer (Jul-Aug) – The summer months continued the positive trend with July recording 1,346 and August 1,147 incorporations, indicating sustained business interest despite the holiday season.

  • Autumn (Sep-Dec) – The autumn period started strong with 1,261 incorporations in September, peaking at 1,508 in October, possibly boosted by post-vacation business initiatives. However, there was a slight dip in November and December, closing the year with 1,116 and 1,064 incorporations, respectively, a typical trend due to the year-end wind down.


The incorporation statistics from 2017 to 2023 highlight Cyprus’s evolving and resilient business environment. Despite global challenges, the island has shown an impressive ability to attract entrepreneurs and investors. The data also suggests a seasonal influence on business activities, with peaks and troughs corresponding to various times of the year.

Cyprus continues to stand out as a strategic location for business incorporations, offering a combination of favorable taxation, strategic location, and a robust legal framework. As we move forward, it will be interesting to observe how these trends evolve and shape the island’s economic future.